About us

After a two and a half year of research and data analysis gathered in different parts of the country as well as in Port au Prince, Alternative Insurance Company S.A. once again launched a new innovative product for low income households in Haiti; introduced on April 13th, 2009.

This new funeral micro insurance product was developed to help improve quality of life within the population, by facilitating the risk transfer in case of death. Protecta can be considered an added value to the Haitians in Haiti since it is distributed on a massive scale touching all segments of the population. Protecta will certainly serve as a fighting tool in reducing vulnerability to risk

Having developed a strong partnership with a reputable funeral network chosen by the population covering most major cities, as well as a diversified distribution network, Protecta will be capable to introduce and reveal the importance of this much needed insurance culture in the country especially in the provinces.

Eligibility Criteria:

Protecta is available for all applicants to subscribe between from 12 to 65 years old.

No medical evaluation required  

Six months waiting period is required prior to the coverage going into effect, for all new issued policies, or any policy reactivation. However; in case of accidental deaths, the insured Protecta client is automatically covered.

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